Every Coach needs a Mentor.

Every Trainer needs to Learn. 

Every Rider needs to Develop.


"As a rider I know that I will never stop developing. As a coach and trainer to other riders I know that my capability to impart knowledge and support to others is only made possible through my own ability to learn and receive support myself.


Last week was National Coaching Week across the UK but this week I am proud to talk about the person who is my inspiration, my mentor and my trainer. It is rare that you find a trainer and a mentor in the same person but I am lucky that I have. Jane Randall is an international dressage rider and UKCC Level 3 coach. Jane provides me with help with Charlie but is also now my coaching mentor, something I am very proud of. Beware of people who say that they know it all or are not willing to admit that they have more to learn."


“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better” - Dylan Wiliam


Marie Slater

Eventer, Dressage Rider and Coach

June 2018

"I haven't known Jane for very long, but I am very pleased with her help - she really cares about you and your horse's progress! I love her toolkit of exercises, something to take away from each lesson and work on in the meantime. I love that these exercises don't only improve your horse's way of going, but also show your progress, when suddenly they feel easy after having felt nearly impossible to achieve. 


I look forward to a winter of working on flying changes!"


Gudrun Dene

Dressage Rider and Eventer

June 2018

"I have worked with Jane for a while now, on two different horses and found her help invaluable. The skills she has to understand each horse and rider and putting herself in the riders position, is very easy to understand.  Jane is very clear and direct  and I couldn't recommend Jane more highly, with her wealth of  experience and knowledge."


Lucinda Mesquita

Event Rider

August 2017

"Thanks to Jane’s depth of knowledge and her experience riding at the highest level, both myself and the horses I ride have improved greatly. Consequently, I have every confidence that my continued training with Jane will take me to greater achievements in the future."


Darren Iken

Dressage Rider

February 2018

"My two daughters and I have all trained with Jane at some time over the last 8 years. My daughter started with Jane at the age of 10 with her 12'2 pony which established the foundations for her riding and have remained with her to this day. 


Jane is not only encouraging and enthusiastic but takes a genuine interest in the progress of her clients, be it a high level competitive rider or someone like me who just wants to have some "me time" and have fun."


Michelle Loveridge

February 2017

"Jane came to my yard to teach myself and some friends. We all agreed she was brilliant! Very simple way of teaching, not over complicating anything nor pushing horse or rider beyond their capability but still getting the very best from both. We will definitely be having Jane back to work with us again."


Louise Drinkwater

June 2018

"During my riding history of 20 years I have had many instructors but Jane is only 1 of 2 that I have ever really connected with and felt like she was truly interested in me as a rider and helping me.


I found that many instructors were happy to shout orders at me but wouldn't actually understand what I was dealing with by getting on my horse. This is one of the things I love about Jane. She does get on and she sees the training from my perspective and my horses. It enables her to provide a more accurate, progressive and developmental lesson. Lots of people preach but don't practise!


For Jane, it isn't just about teaching, it is about educating and being there every step of the journey with you. It doesn't matter what level you are or where you want go. Jane listens, I mean really listens to you, what you want to achieve and together develops a plan to achieve your goals....I for one am excited for the future.  Thank you Jane! x"


Clare Gangadeen

Founder of RiderCise

Dressage Rider 

June 2018

"Jane has been working with me for just over a year. I love her lessons; she always focuses on what I want to do. If I want to achieve something she gives me the tools and tips to do it. We have a goal and there is a plan in place to get there


Her lessons are always one to one, she tailors her teaching method to each horse and rider and as a result there is never a barrier between pupil and teacher.


It's lovely to know that she will go the extra mile for me should things not go quite to plan!"


Judith Iken

January 2018

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